The Company

FlightCaster predicts flight delays. We use an advanced algorithm that scours data on every domestic flight for the past 10-years and matches it to real-time conditions.

We help you evaluate alternative options and help connect you to the right person to make the change.

What Motivates Us

We exist to aid the frequent traveler. Everything we do is to serve you.

As heavy travelers ourselves, we were sick of being at the mercy of the airlines to give us information. FlightCaster empowers travelers to proactively avoid delay situations rather than waiting until it is too late. Information is power in travel, providing travelers more options and solutions to flight delays and cancellations.

We’re More Than a Flight Tracker

We are not regurgitating information from the airline or FAA. You can get that from many many other sources. Instead, we’re creating the next generation of flight information by using applied mathematics to provide real predictive power.

While we cannot predict every scenario, such as a freak mechanical failure, our algorithms can find 95%+ of delays. Delay prediction is a bit of an art form and while we think we’re masters of that art, please allow room for error.

Help Us Help You

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