The Team

Evan Konwiser

Visionary guy. He traveled like a gazillion miles as a Bain consultant.

Geek Cred: Elite frequent flier on 5 airlines.

Jason Freedman

Management guy. Uses his Tuck MBA to make pretty powerpoint presentations

Geek Cred: Previously founded a startup.

Brad Cross

Math Guy. Expert in statistical research, clojure, and machine learning.

Geek Cred: Former Google and Thoughtworks.

James Bracy

iPhone Guy: He yells at his twin brother Jon whenever the data fails.

Geek Cred: Builds aircraft drones in his spare time.

Jonathan Bracy

API Guy. He makes the interwebs work so everyone has the right data.

Geek Cred: Building a prime number list as a hobby.

Jon Chase

iPhone GUI Guy. Can be found at 5am working on his 10th mock-up.

Geek Cred: Coded Oregon Trail onto a TI-83

Jared Strate

Ruby Guy. He rides the rails so the site works good.

Geek Cred: Runs Linux on a 256mb laptop.


Hadoop Guy. Builds the architecture on top of everything amazon.

Geek Cred: Can tolerate Brad... That's enough.

Pavel Petrek

Android Guy and BlackBerry. The best mobile developer anywhere.

Geek Cred: Get Pavel’s help for your app at Inmite

Betty Kayton

She does the numbers and keeps us out of trouble.

Geek Cred: Helped design the world's first spreadsheet software.